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What's New at Firstohm Autumn 2019

What's New at Firstohm

Autumn 2019


50thHalf a century has passed since the establishment of Firstohm in 1969. As a member of Firstohm, I feel very proud and honored to share this remarkable day with everyone:

Happy 50th. anniversary, Firstohm! 

Firstohm’s factory is located in Hualien, a great place with exceptional people. The construction of Firstohm’s new plant will be completed next year to serve more clients internationally. Looking forward to the next 50 years, we hope to become the world leader in the manufacturing & RD of MELF resistors. Now, let's open a new chapter together and start writing the brilliant story of Firstohm.


Firstohm In Action

★ 9/25/2019 ~ 9/27/2019 electronica India 2019

electrindia 2019

Venue: India Expo Centre, Greater Noida, Delhi NCR, India
            (Plot No. 25-29, Knowledge Park II, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India)
Date: SEP. 25~27, 2019
Booth No: Hall 11, EG11

★ 11/19/2019 tech ShangHai 2019

tech shanghai

Venue: Evergreen Laurel Hotel (ShangHai, China)
            (No.1136 Zuchongzhi RD., Pudong District, 201203, ShangHai)
Date: NOV. 19, 2019
Topic: Internet of Vehicles and Automated Driving
Nowadays, while the technology of 5G communication is getting mature, the Internet of Vehicles progress with 5G communication is also moving ahead, expecting that the main driving force of automobile market growth will come from electronization of power systems and Internet of Vehicles. As a result, how to well control EV(electric vehicle) and improve reliability of electronic power systems are facing more rigorous proofs. Those who are interested in these domains are welcomed to join and contribute your wisdom and insights.


Do You Know

★ Sulfur in the air – resistor killer
The chip resistor has become one of the most common components in electronic circuits today. But, a chip resistor contains silver(Ag) in its electrode structure. When there is a large amount of sulfur in the air, the silver tends to react with it and becomes silver sulfides(Ag2S or Ag2SO4) and the silver loses its conductivity. The resistance value gradually increases and eventually becomes an open circuit. Below is the diagram of the internal structure of a chip resistor:

chip res

Solution to sulfuration and failure of chip resistors: Conformal Coating Technology
Evenly applying a conformal coating on the PCB can form an effective protective film that blocks the air and prevents sulfuration, but the process increases manufacturing time and costs, and impedes PCB heat dissipation.

Best option for anti-sulfuration:
MELF resistor - there is no silver(Ag) content in the production process and raw materials, so sulfuration is not likely to occur. In addition to the sulfuric environment such as chemical industry, mining, thermal power generation, automotive electronics, it can also be used in high-end application where reliability is critical, such as telecommunications.

Standards: Tested by international standards for verification of sulfuration of passive components – ANSI-EIA-977
Test conditions: The specimen was put in a container exposed to the test environment(see diagram below) for 750 hours at a temperature of 105℃.


Test result: PASS

anti sulfuration en

What we did in First Quarter

★ 3/20/2019 ~ 3/22/2019 electronica ShangHai 2019

electronica shanghai 2019

Given the new energy policies from government, the demands of EV(electric vehicles) are increasing everywhere, and the requirement for quality of EV has become more and more strict.

Opportunities are reserved for those who are prepared. Have you made the best strategic decision for the quality of your products?

Thank you again for taking time to read this. If you have any questions, remember to consult your dedicated sales representative or contact us.