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What's New at Firstohm Spring 2018

What's New at Firstohm

Q1 2018



2018 spring

The best choice for product quality enhancement - MELF Resistor

To correspond with the demand of auto market in recent years, the vehicle grade MELF resistors of Firstohm are all satisfactory to AEC-Q200 standards. The MELF resistors of Firstohm are extensively applied to industrial related products over 30 years. In fact, the specifications of MELF resistors produced by Firstohm have originally exceeded the requirement of specification in auto level. Quality wafer resistor produced under strict quality policies will always be our goal of businesses.

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electronica China 2018

Firstohm has attended Electronica China for consecutive six years. The 17th electronic China is coming ~~ Firstohm would like to formally introduce the advantages of MELF Resistors through the exhibition of AEC-Q200 series.

Exhibition location: Shanghai New International Expo Center

Date : MAR/14 ~ MAR/16,2018

Booth Number : E5.5714


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 The advantages of Firstohm MELF RESISTOR: (Vehicle Grade)

  •  MELF resistors production experiences over 30 years, leading quality in the same industry
  •  AEC-Q200 Compliant
  •  Stronger mechanical structure, resistant to seismic vibration and thermal shock.
  •  Excellent in heat dissipation. (Especially suitable for air cooling).
  • Superior surge protection than chip resistors (Surge Proof).
  • Highly stable, suitable for long period usage. (Excellent Stability).
  • Low temperature drift, high precision.
  • Low noise interference

Major application:
Firstohm VEHICLE

 We especially explain the applications aiming at the gate resistor of IGBT driven circuit in latest e-news:

Gate resistor ENChoosing the right gate resistor (Rg) for different IGBT characteristics is extremely important as it affects not only the dynamic performance of the IGBT but also the cost and reliability. The primary role of gate resistors (Rg) in IGBT driver is to eliminate gate-level oscillations, transfer the power losses of the driver and regulate the switching speed of the power switch. The Firstohm, SFP (V) and MM (V), complies with the AEC-Q200 specification and is the best choice for gate resistor in IGBT driver circuits.

 The devil is in the details, your best choice for product quality enhancement - MELF Resistor


Latest activities


 ★January 17~19 2018,  AUTOMOTIVE WORLD JAPAN 2018

20180118 132813

The number of visitors grows 30% as comparing to the same period last year
All guests, see you in AUTOMOTIVE WORLD JAPAN 2019 ~


★October 11~14 2017,  TAITRONICS 2017


The AEI interview of Denko Magazine, the content of interview was the cover story of AEI magazine in November 2017. The article explicitly explains the history and future products orientation of Firstohm. People who are interested may check the AEI, thank you again for taking time of reading. For any question, do not forget to contact your dedicated sales representative or via contact us here!