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What's New at Firstohm Spring 2019

What's New at Firstohm

2019 Spring 

2019For passive components, 2018 was a challenging year.
For many years, unit prices and margins had been subject to continual erosion. Because of market shortages, many prices were adjusted back to a more reasonable level. On the surface, the rising prices and increasing sales volume seem like a brilliant result. However, according to past experience, excessive materials, finished product inventory and excess capacity in the entire supply chain after major shortages are often not completely reduced in one year.The damage caused by the shortage is far-reaching, from the perspective of the part suppliers, finished product assembly or system integrators.
Firstohm has always been committed to the fields of industrial and automotive applications. Firstohm have developed and supplied MELF resistor for over 30 years. We possess quality advantage but never manipulated price. Our loyalty to support customers has won the favor of customers from around the world. We are confident that we will further expand our production capacity and serve more customers in this continuing wave of supply shortages.


FIRSTOHM in action

★ March 20~22, 2019 electronica China 2019


Venue : Shanghai New International Expo Center
Date: March 20-22, 2019
Booth: E5-5514

April 23, 2019 19th tech Shenzhen 2019

Event : Fast charging and new power device technology (electric vehicle)
Date: April 23, 2019
For those are interested in how to improve the reliability of electric vehicles, please feel free to contact us.

tech sz


Do you know

★Anti-surge wire wound fast-fuse resistors (SWAT/SWMT) has now gained patents in Taiwan and USA
(Taiwan patent No.: I637420, US patent No.: 10170266)

The SWAT/SWMT product features two major functions: anti-surge capability and fast-fuse. It can be applied to the power input terminal on AC to DC conversion, to serve as a surge protection circuit with MOV/TVS, and absorb harmful surge energy. Moreover, it reduces MOV/TVS cost and saves a safety fuse at the same time. When there is an abnormal current or short circuit, the SWAT/SWMT can quickly fuse, in a short time, to avoid the high temperature burning of the case which may result in a fire accident.

Internal structure sketch (SWMT):

 swmt structure2019

Example of application Circuit :
swmt circuit

Theory :

When it uses 1W-10ohm of SWAT/SWMT at the power input terminal, the charger is in normal operation @ 300mA, and the surface temperature of resistor is lower than 80℃. When the circuit is abnormal and the current exceeds 1.1A or exceeds 40 times of rated power, the resistor will generate a temperature higher than 265℃. The SWAT/SWMT is quickly fused to form an open circuit so as to protect the back-end circuit.


Dynamic review

★January 16-18, 2019 AUTOMOTIVE WORLD JAPAN 2019

car ele

This exhibition received overwhelming customer responses and we look forward to seeing you in AUTOMOTIVE WORLD JAPAN 2020, before the Oympics!

★November 11-16, 2018 electronica Munich 2018

electronica munic 2018

Firstohm, is nearing its 50th anniversary, having been established in 1969. The 50th anniversary logo on our exhibition banner has attracted the attention of visitors. The milestones posted on the wall create a golden halo of the 50th anniversary LOGO and further guide us toward our centennial of business.

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