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What’s New at Firstohm Autumn 2017

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What’s New at Firstohm
Autumn 2017


The non-stop rising prices of raw material and labor costs, which caused their impacts at the both ends of the already-barely-profitable resistor market, eventually led to the full-scale price rise situation.
Established in 1969, Firstohm successfully put its MELF Resistor into mass production in 1987. Facing the current chaotic situations of price rise and insufficient supply in the market, we at Firstohm, are holding a cautious attitude to the challenge from the market, and have been well-prepared. We are hoping to become the balancer of the market supply and demand, and make small contributions to our new and old customers.

Firstohm In Action

★10/11/2017 ~ 10/14/2017 (TAITRONICS 2017)

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Nangang Exhibition Center, Booth I0816

New On the Block


★SWM Series - Anti-Surge Wire Wound MELF Resistors

20150921 103725Firstohm’s research and development team aimed at the improvement of solder joints and managed to develop a solution of better solder joint structure and therefore increased the reliability of products against surge impacts. What’s more important is that it does not require costly and complicated manufacturing process. The solder joints solution mentioned above has been patented in multiple countries, as below:
Taiwan Patent No. : M530462
Japan Patent No. : 3208923
China Patent No. : Coming Soon.

★About car electronics solution, Firstohm offers a series of MELF Resistors complying with AECQ-200. Old and new customers are welcome to call and request for samples.

 Vehicle Grade series English firstohm

Do you know

★Application Note of Smart Electricity Meter
The electric grid environment is complex and changeable. The pulses are generated by thunderbolt or breaker's switching ON/OFF. those are great impacts on the sampling resistors. In order to improve the resistance of the meters against pulse impacts, it is recommended to use the MELF resistor. In comparison to the chip resistor, the MELF resistor is resistant to high-current and high-voltage surge because its larger surface area greatly enhances the performance. No matter in functionality, mechanical structure, electrical characteristics, or safety, the MELF resistor is significantly better than those with the chip resistor.

Block diagram and MELF resistor :

 block diagram of smart meter ENGLISH

Accurate current/voltage detection (low TCR, good stability and pulse-withstanding).
2.SRM ( Surge Resistant MELF Resistor)
SRM has a superior Anti-Surge capability, it also passed safety criteria and certificated by VDE lab.(according to DIN EN 60065 (VDE 0860): 2015-11 clause 14.2 a)
3.SWM (Anti-Surge Wire Wound MELF Resistor)
With low temperature fusing function and maximum permissible surge voltage up to 11KV. 


What we did in First Quarter

★3/14/2017 ~ 3/16/2017 (Electronica China 2017)


Once again, in Electronica China 2017, we presented related applications of MELF resistors in car electronics, and received an enthusiastic response in this March show. Looking forward to meeting you all again next year!

If you need more information, please feel free to contact us.