Automotive grade

Dear OEM/EMS/CEM customers : 

Firstohm is one of the few companies who are able to design resistors according to customer's requirements. Circuit characteristics must be taken into consideration of resistor applications. Some companies encounter circuit failures with unknown reasons; most of times it is because of the wrong adoption of resistors with wrong electrical characteristics in circuit design. If you can't find suitable components, we wish that you bring your problems and your circuit characteristics to us; we will try to find the cause,  and recommend/design a suitable resistor for you.

Due to the trend of specialization in electronic industry, many of you do not have own brand names,but only carry design and production for brand-name companies. In this case, we would want to co-operate with you by the following ways:


1. Resistor application consulting

2. Development of specialty resistor according to your requirements

3. Resistor COST DOWN by equivalent substitute and multi-functional resistor to reduce other components.


Should you need to develop a new product with special requirements on resistors, please CONTACT US


R&D Division, First Resistor & Condenser Co., Ltd.