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What's New at Firstohm Spring 2015



What's New at Firstohm
Spring 2015

20150128 163724Galloping into 2015, two trends remain the guiding principle for Firstohm teams in product development: (1) smaller circuit design and (2) rising demand for circuit protection.
From fusible MELF resistor, anti-surge wirewound MELF resistor, to 0102 metal film MELF resistor and the world’s first ESD surge absorber in 0204 MELF packaging, you would see in this edition of Firstohm e-news the accomplishment as a result of our devotion to meeting demands arising from the two trends above.
Update of complete product catalog has been concluded, included in which is detail information on part number construction. We believe that a universal approach to part number construction can help gradually improve operations efficiency for both the customers and Firstohm internally. You can find this information in the “download” section of Firstohm homepage.
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Firstohm In Action

03/17/2015 ~ 03/19/2015 (electronica China 2015)

20150128 164007

New On the Block

20150202 152021First mentioned in our Summer 2014 edition of newsletter, Fusible MELF resistor (FM series) was officially launched in late 2014.
Firstohm FM series is available in 0207 MELF packaging, either 1/3W or 1/2W and fuses within 10 seconds at rate power of 9.8W ~ 10.5W. Detail specification can be found online.
20150203 100416 enDramatically downsized from its axial-leaded counterpart - the Firstohm SGS series and with surge current capacity of 80A (@2/10us) and comparably short response time (≤1ns), leadless ESD Surge Absorber MELF (ESM204) will be an even more suitable alternative to transient voltage suppressor (TVS) in protection against human-body mode electrostatic discharge (ESD). Comparison between Firstohm ESM204 and other similar products can be found here. Specification of ESM204 is also available online.


20150203 100531 enTraditionally, in operating environment where capability of high-power handling is required, wirewound resistor is usually the first choice because of its acclaimed stability. However, when it comes to anti-surge performance, reliability of wirewound resistors may not be as laudable due to possible weakness of the welding spot where both wire-ends are fixed to the metal caps. Production process to overcome this disadvantage and perform consistently against high-voltage surge impact may render the use of anti-surge wirewound resistors costly and unpractical in many application areas.


Firstohm's patent innovative enhancement to the wire welded spot not only improves reliability of anti-surge wirewound resistors but most importantly, does not require costly production process.
Relevant Product Series:
20150203 9 

Application: Firstohm enhanced anti-surge wirewound resistor can be applied to operating environment where higher working power and protection against sudden high-voltage spike are required, such as lighting circuits, motor energizing, ignition system, rush current protection for power capacitors.

What We Did Last Quarter


11/11/2014 ~ 11/14/2014(electronica 2014)

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1/14/2015 ~ 1/16/2015 (Nepcon Japan 2015)

20150128 165513

Left: Mr S.Y. Lee being interviewed by Dempa Shinbun
Center/Right: Firstohm booth at Nepcon Japan 2015

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